Business community of sustainable innovation

BE Petrothai Group realizes that ‘business’ cannot function on a stand-alone basis, and the traditional structure cannot respond to changes in the market for sustainable growth. After 10 years of establishing Petrothai and BE Consulting Group, in 1995, both companies were synergized and re-engineered, to strengthen our business community and called BE Petrothai Group.Our growth, experience and qualified staff operated the business efficiently and exceptionally. Furthermore, we apply our management tools to the business, which are

  • Foster Community:

    By School of Thought Process (SCOT), our people, especially newcomers, can learn and grow their mindset, skillset, and toolset together with our people at all levels.

  • Management Lab:

    Our unique collaboration process that brings everyone in various roles to exchange and develop further knowledge or know-how to fulfill customers' needs.

  • Flat Organization:

    An organizational structure that simplify the levels of management. Our business model encourages everyone to be a part of success. By our partner and experienced business owner, we can grow our community. Moreover, everyone in BE Petrothai group is the process owner and foster business together.

BE Petrothai group emphasizes on increase competitive edges by driving business as a ‘community’ and combine complementary competencies from each team. Each of them has its professional knowledge and core strengths but well-integrated.

Operation Business Unit:

Petrothai: marketing consultant and corporate branding
  • Expertise in Thailand petroleum and petrochemical market. Provide our world-class partners with the best fit marketplace.
inCyam: Fits all needs for engineering equipment management
  • Provide engineering distribution and installation services with high quality and environmental-friendly engineering equipment for petroleum and petrochemical industries.
  • Offer optimal management processes to ensure the customers' production will run smoothly and deliver products on schedule.
  • Design and develop new business solution by collaborating with partners to serve customer’s various needs.
PTC: Maintenance and engineering professionals
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI):Ensure equipment readiness before the handover to customers
  • Engineering Service:Provide equipment inspection and maintenance throughout its life cycle and offer end-users training.
  • Warranty Service: Offer reliable service and maintenance for products within the warranty period.

Operation Support Business Unit:

BE Concept: Innovation beyond knowledge
  • Gather knowledge about engineering, maintenance, data system, distribution, accounting, and other resource management.
  • Technology service, adjust workflows to support communication with worldwide customers and partners.

Support Business Unit:

BE Consulting Group: Caring for communities’ resources
  • Resource management, employee caring as well as workplace preparation to support our people to work flexibly and efficiently.

With our competencies and strengths of 5 companies under BE Petrothai Group, we commit ourselves to be
Adaptive Innovation Partner
to meet all customers and stakeholders’ needs in the changing world with stability and sustainability.