Building innovation competencies
and Growing Together

Working Culture in Flat organization :

  • Our employees are the process owner; each can conduct their work in accordance with the company’s goal.
  • Employees have the opportunity to share ideas with other teams and executives in the Management Lab to innovate new solutions.
  • Office vibes are open, bright, and well designed, so it fits with people’s working style. Besides, our office is a shared workspace. Employees can easily connect and collaborate.
  • Encourage knowledge sharing culture and teamwork.
  • ‘SHORE Live’ activity for sharing opinions and knowledge to enhance understanding, engagement, and intimacy between employees and executives in a comfortable setting.

Committed to our people's Growth & Wellness

Contributing to Professional Development :

  • Coaching new employees through the training ‘School of thought’ to pass on the way we work in BE Petrothai Group community.
  • Provide workshop course to develop employees’ skill which include engineering workshop abroad, expert machine-control training, personality development, leadership training.
  • Properly support employees’ living during fieldwork such as visa, transportation, accommodation at the same standards as our customers and partners.

Keeping Employees Healthy :

  • Provide health insurance and annual health checkup.

Convenient location :

  • Our office well located in the central business district just 5-10 minutes walk from BTS or MRT.