Our Governance Commitment

For nearly four decades
BE Petrothai Group

continually conducts business with honesty, transparency, and fairness, resulting in supporting Thailand's sustainable economy and society. We address good governance as part of the corporate culture that our people at all levels must adhere strictly and consistently.
This 'Good Governance Culture' reinforces the confidence of our partners in all dimensions of business.

Tax transparency

BE Petrothai Group has continually ensured that tax procedures are properly managed. In 1993, we were accepted as a sound taxpayer by The Revenue Department. Moreover, we have applied the principle of a single account since the establishment.

Trace Certification

is one of our accomplishments proving that we are a transparent company, that’s why we gain stakeholders’ and world-class partners’ trust and satisfaction. inCyam, a company under BE Petrothai Group, has been certified by TRACE of being the transparent organization in 2009 and maintains high standards so far.

CAC certified Company

BE Petrothai Group commit to anti-bribery and corruption policies and implement good governance as a principle of business to our executives and officers at all levels. All five companies have been certified by Thai CAC (Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption) supported by NACC (the National Anti-Corruption Commission).

ESG Plus Verification

ESG is one of BE Petrothai Group policies and practices. Recently, BE Petrothai Group, and Thaioil Group signed MOU in the ESG Plus Verification project. The objectives of MOU were to encourage the partner of Thaioil Group to conduct business with environmental, social, and governance management through sustainable development.