Knowledge Mapping for Integrated “Water” Resource Management

Thailand water situation is becoming critical. An effective approach to the water issue is to combine data and knowledge together.
However, in the past, there was very few integrated cooperation of water resources data into a holistic picture.

BE Petrothai Group, as a citizen of Thailand aware of this crucial situation. Mr. Kitja Chamnongarsa, the founder of BE Petrothai Group, intends to contribute his knowledge and participated as an executive advisor of Ad hoc committee on water resource management, The House of Representatives. Moreover, Mr. Witt Pattarayanon, a member of BE Petrothai Group, has also taken part in the committee to develop the “Mapping Knowledge for integrated water resource management”. This brings about the initial Thailand’s water crisis solution.

Integrated as one

One of BE Petrothai Group’s strength is knowledge management. We gathered big data from more than 29 related partners to create Mapping Knowledge to support integrated water resource management. When all sectors understand the situation in the same background, they can see the big picture of water issue and prioritize data. That leads to water management scope effectively from upstream to downstream and enhance social impacts.

Mapping Knowledge

“Report of flood solving and water resource management 2011”
has developed to the water flow model and being a part of Thailand Water Resources Act of 2018 (active since January 2019). This ACT helps address problems and promote sustainable water resource management for the benefits of every sectors; agriculture, industry, transportation, tourism as well as household.

One of our prides is being a part of the leverage national water resource management. BE Petrothai Group commit to develop our business and knowledge for the benefit of sustainable society.

Mr. Kitja Chamnongarsa,

the executive advisor of Ad hoc committee on water resource management, The House of Representatives, 2011

Mr. Witt Pattarayanon,

member of task force on report writing, subcommittee on reporting flood solution and water resource management, The House of Representatives, 2011

By collecting data and knowledge from related parties of water resource management and creating Knowledge map for integrated water resource management

Thailand 25 water sheds and 36 large dams

A model of water resource management used to lower the drought and flood risk. For examples, increase runoff to reduce effect of flood.

Water flow model of Chao Phraya watershed : identify flood prevent competency for planning irrigation zones and agriculture in suitable season

Note: Picture 1-3 are the result of knowledge management of water resource management from related partners,
creating Mapping Knowledge for Integrated Water Resource Management

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