Expertise in upstream Market

We are a trading company supply equipment and technology with engineering services and focusing on industrial machinery for different processes in Oil and Gas Industry.

Our focus on the market is from Exploration and Production, Transmission, Gas Separation, Petrochemical, and the Refinery.

Deliver trust, acquire the solution

Finding the right solution for your demands. Supporting customers in all stages from start to finish.

This includes 7
important aspects of our work.
  • 1.
    Customer Requirement

    Establishing the scope of work and consideration of customer value.

  • 2.
    Technology Selection

    Finding the right technology with the right cost at the lowest risk. From installation through commissioning to make sure the system performance level is as promised. Performance is judged by execution plan design, project management, plant information with future modifications in mind.

  • 3.

    A collaboration among our customer, BE Petrothai Group, and business partner are established to get the final specification and reduce engineering time after ordering of the project. Followed by the manufacturing and inspection (Witness test).

  • 4.

    Logistic Management is used to find the best route.

  • 5.

    The process is carried out with exact procedures for the machine to run as promised with reliable services throughout the entire service life.

  • 6.

    Commission test to guarantee that all functions meet customer requirements.

  • 7.
    Warranty & claim

    Service and claims are provided by our service engineer and equipment specialist to find the right solution in the shortest time possible.

At BE Petrothai Group

We work with customers as a friend to help find the right product and solution according to customer specifications. Years of experience brings us the achievement in successfully cutting the cost of plant turnaround, time reduction on shut down maintenance, environmentally friendly, zero inventory, and etc.