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Equipment Life Cycle Management

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Knowledge Management is a set of the key principal that we believe since BE Petrothai Group was established; we have collected all services and maintenance engineering data of the products we supplied since 1985. This knowledge basically bases on a concept of

“know it inside out”

which lead to the development for expertise, the commitment for excellence, the fulfillment for customer satisfaction and accepted in international standards.These collective data altogether have integrated and developed to the knowledge management software called

“boonma” in 2004,
which can enable us to monitor each equipment life cycle systematically.

From knowledge management to innovation, boonma is a strategic maintenance management system, SMMS, using engineering data collecting of all service and maintenance in daily operation. Moreover, proper data management also give us an overview of equipment maintenance throughout its life cycle by using various data to manage and recording history maintenance continuously.

The concept of boonma is designed for supporting equipment life cycle management and being the tools for choosing maintenance options. Moreover, good data management can help us to evaluate the risk, see the overall condition of each equipment, manage the usage and proper maintenance strategy of equipment under limited time and cost

There are 4 Parts
of module as follows;
  • 1.

    Asset information:

    accumulating a specification and characteristic data of all equipment from manufacturer such as Catalog, Datasheets, BOM, etc. In order to classify each equipment and spare part for searching in the future.

  • 2.

    Maintenance strategy:

    is proactive maintenance planning, extracts the data from Asset information into a group, and evaluates the reliability, maintainability, and priority of each equipment which have many different critical levels. Then, implementing optimize maintenance options in order to determine the best maintenance solution and maintenance period.

  • 3.

    Maintenance Planning:

    according to the Maintenance strategy, maintenance schedules and resource (for example, spare parts, men, tools, etc.) are applied in maintenance process for preparing and managing each maintenance in time.

  • 4.

    Maintenance Action:

    consisting of maintenance activities, work instruction, and record from each maintenance activity for future follow up and evaluation.

A strategic maintenance management system (SMMS),boonma, has 4 parts which are asset information, maintenance strategy, maintenance planning, and maintenance action.

BE Petrothai Group

provides engineered equipment and engineering services throughout its life cycle

covering application engineering, Inspection&Test, Pre-delivery Inspection, Technical service, Warranty service, and Maintenance&Improvement. With boonma software and co-operating with partner, enable us to keep track of our equipment life cycle (from production to installation, commissioning and maintenance), keep better our selection and configuration of equipment for different types of application, keep proper records of our equipment performance and warranty which further allows a proper planning for improvement and maintenance.

BE Petrothai Group’s process from equipment selection, engineering management, knowledge management through after sales services.

Last but not least, our Innovation management system has not been only designed to keep track of equipment throughout its life cycle but also collaborative planning with the Partner/Customer allowed us to plan and manage inventory at optimal quantity, properly schedule for the equipment/spare part purchasing which need to be planned and executed carefully. So, we guarantee that clients always have available inventory in hand when it is needed at the right place, right time, and reduce the risk of unscheduled outages or catastrophic failures. As a result, the clients are able to minimize downtime maintenance in plant shutdown and turnaround, minimize stock cost, increasing work mobility, and flexibility in planning.

BE Petrothai’s services are engineering management and maintenance management
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